Lemons, coca cola and other content marketing tips for lawyers and accountants

Content is now a pivotal cog in every professional service firm’s marketing strategy.  But is your content generating the results you want it to in return from the time and effort you’re investing?  Here are some content marketing tips for lawyers and accountants that will help you generate more profile and more enquiries.

We’ve already covered what to write about and where to get ideas from (though you can download a lot of these content marketing tips in this white paper), here we’re going to take a bit of Coca Cola marketing strategy and cross-fertilise it with one of Tenandahalf’s mantras, squeezing the lemon.

How do lawyers and accountants get better results from content marketing? Part 1: Coca Cola

First let’s look at the Coca Cola bit.  Way back when I was a student, our class got a talk from one of the Coca Cola team at the ad agency McCann Erickson

While he shared loads of brilliant stuff, one of the things that really stuck with me was Coca Cola advertise everywhere from the TV to the cinema to the press.  They also sponsored everything from your local shop’s sunshade to the European Cup final. 

This, he told us, was because Coke don’t want to sell cans of drink, they want you to think Coke whenever you’re thirsty.

Dramatic, maybe!  Too much for a law or accountancy firm, definitely!  But the premise holds. 

Once you have your content, you need to make sure you put it out across every channel you have:

– Your website

– LinkedIn

– Twitter

– Video platforms like Vimeo and YouTube

– Your webinars and seminars

– Your preferred list of external publications and websites

– Emails to your clients and contacts

This will give it the best possible chance of reaching the biggest percentage of your audience.

You will give yourself an even better chance of reaching the biggest percentage of your audience if you repost the links to your content a few times across several days at different times of the day.  When it comes to social media in particular, you don’t know who’s looking when so if you only post once, you will probably only catch the eye of one small part of your audience.

It is no longer enough to say “well I posted it on LinkedIn”  then sit back and wait for the magic to happen.  It won’t.

How do you get better results from content marketing? Part 2: Squeezing the lemon

Once you have committed to using all your channels, you need to think about format as well as frequency.

In the same way as different people consume different information at different times, they also consume it in different ways.  Instead of just having a blog, you can repackage it as a talking head video, an infographic or motion graphic, a series of FAQs based on the content or you can take all your blogs and package them up as a white paper.

The same goes for your seminar content.  This can easily be turned into new blogs, new FAQs, more in-depth articles for relevant publications and websites or scripts for video or audio content.

And the articles you’ve had published can be squeezed in the same way and turned into new content for your website and social.

This is squeezing the lemon – take your original content and squeeze it until you can’t get any more out of it. 

Reskin it for different media. 

Repost it to make sure your target market sees it. 

Then, after a while, update it and do it all over again!

If you’d some more content marketing tips for lawyers and accountants or would like help refreshing your content marketing machine, please get in touch and we can find a convenient time to chat.

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