blogs for lawyers, accountants and patent and trade mark attorneys

We write blogs for lawyers, accountants and patent and trade mark attorneys. Fresh content is a vital component of an effective content marketing strategy but as your time is at a premium, why not outsource your blogs, articles, top tips and FAQs to us?

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Content production for lawyers, accountants and patent and trade mark attorneys

We write fresh new blogs for the lawyers, accountants and intellectual property firms we work with. Why not outsource your blog to us?

A constant stream of articles, blogs, top tips and FAQs are absolutely vital if you want to make sure you stay visible to your current clients and contacts whilst, at the same time, reaching a new audience of prospective clients. 

To ensure every piece of content achieves the highest possible readership we can also advise you on how and where to publish each one, internally and externally.

The way we help clients varies depending on their specialisms and marketing objectives but in general terms our support will fall into one of two camps:

1. Coaching

We run a practical workshop called ‘How to produce content that does BD’ that covers all of the basics a marketing/business development specialist or a lawyers, accountant or patent or trade mark attorney needs to know to implement a content marketing strategy.

We look at the different types of content you can produce, how to keep coming up with new ‘ideas’, the different ways to publish your content internally and how to pitch your ideas to the editors of the trade and local press publications your clients, contacts and targets read.

You can find out more about our ‘How to produce content that does BD’ workshop or set up a time to discuss the workshop and how it will help your content marketing strategy by sending us an email.

After the workshop (or as an alternative to the workshop if you’re already up and running) we work 1on1 with fee earners to help them develop their writing skills and find the best way for them to produce consistent but effective content that best suits their preferred voice and format and, of course, their particular market.

2.  Production

If time is short or your team is small we can produce regular blogs for you. 

Depending on your marketing objectives we can produce technical pieces (with the help of the relevant fee earner, department or sector team) or more general news pieces covering key developments within your local area, sector or practice area.      

We can work to any frequency and for any number of departments within your firm so if you would like to have an initial discussion about how we could support your content marketing strategy, let’s find a time to talk.

And we stress every piece we produce for you would only ever be used by you, we only write to order and never syndicate our content.

If you would like to discuss the production of marketing materials rather than blogs, FAQs or other more general marketing communications, we also offer a more traditional copywriting service.

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Find out more about how we help accountants deliver on their content marketing strategy

Find out more about how we help patent and trade mark attorneys deliver on their content marketing strategy

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