BD support for barristers

We provide BD support for barristers to provide them with the skills to negotiate a tougher trading environment. As many instructing solicitors don’t remember ever being directly marketed to by the most relevant Chambers, adopting a more active BD plan will pay dividends for commercially focused and forward thinking Chambers.

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We help barristers (and clerks) improve their business development

These are exciting times for The Bar.  

On the surface, cuts in Legal Aid and the spectre of ABS look like threats.  However with the majority of solicitors still saying they can’t remember being marketed to by any Chambers and the possibilities offered by Direct Access, there are huge opportunities for any progressive set.

Tenandahalf are helping a growing number of Chambers all over England with their marketing and business development. 

Although no two projects are the same, the common areas are the demystification of the sales process and the introduction of proven, practical processes that members and clerks can use to create introductions and grow these introductions into profitable long-term relationships for Chambers.

By working with Tenandahalf your set will:

  • Develop a powerful value proposition to make you more attractive to instructing solicitors and to lay-clients
  • Gain valuable insight into exactly what your instructing solicitors want from you and where you need to improve your offering to win more work by managing independent client service review programmes
  • Learn how to identify and approach new targets
  • Become more efficient at developing your relationships so they generate more instructions
  • Identify new marketing opportunities to pursue in person, online and in writing
  • Increase the return from your presentations, seminars and workshops by providing market leading presentation skills training

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