Who do we help?

Tenandahalf provide specialist marketing business development support for lawyers, accountants, IP attorneys, barristers, and architects.  While all our clients share common goals, the tactics required to achieve those goals vary from profession to profession. 

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Which profession are you in?

Are you a lawyer?

Law firms need to be able to tell their clients, contacts, and targets why they should be working with you rather than your competitors.  Some of this involves marketing (and digital and content marketing in particular) but your most effective promotional tool will always be your fee earners. If they need the required skills and a bit more focus, we can help.

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Are you a patent or trade mark attorney?

In the past patent and trade mark attorneys were able to get by on technical expertise, reputation and location alone. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case.  Today attorneys need to be more specialist, more visible, more responsive and, ultimately, more commercial.  This is where we can help. 

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Are you an architect?

This is by far the toughest trading environment the architectural and property worlds can remember.   This means that architects must be able to identify and articulate exactly why you are the best choice and be more astute in the way you promote yourselves.  We can help.

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Are you an accountant?

As an accountant you need to do more than simply to help your clients stay compliant.  They want more than just technical advice and contact at year end.  A successful accountancy practice needs to deliver genuine added value and if your marketing and BD is going to be successful, you need to how to promote that effectively.    This is where we can help. 

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Are you a barrister or clerk?

This is an increasingly difficult time for The Bar.  With greater scrutiny on costs and service not to mention all the recent disruptions, it is more vital than ever that barristers, clerks and Chambers know how to promote their legal specialisms and how to grow their most important relationships.  We can help. 

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Are you a service provider?

If you provide services for the legal and accountancy sector finding the most productive and cost-effective routes to reach the right people in the firms you want to be your clients can be tricky.  This is where we can help.

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How do our services break down?

Our business development services include BD training, 1on1 coaching, client listening and practical support for specific projects.

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Our marketing services include content creation, copywriting, tender support and the design and implementation of sector marketing strategies.

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