BD support for patent and trade mark attorneys

Today the clients of IP firms don’t just want technically good attorneys. Clients want attorneys who have the required sector expertise and a willingness to do whatever is needed to maximise the commercial value of their ideas. Getting that across successfully will involve taking a much more focused approach to marketing and business development. This is where we can help.

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We help patent and trade mark attorneys improve their business development

In the past patent and trade mark attorneys have been able to get by on technical expertise, reputation and location alone. Unfortunately that’s no longer the case.

Competition, not only domestically but also from abroad, and the threat of online filing solutions means attorneys now have to work harder than ever to win new business and keep the clients they already have.

Tenandahalf have unparalleled experience in helping patent and trade mark attorneys increase their in-house marketing and business development capabilities and become more visible, more responsive and, ultimately, more commercial.

By working with Tenandahalf your attorneys will:

  • Learn how to identify new client and new business development opportunities within their preferred areas
  • Become more confident in approaching prospects and overseas attorneys
  • Discover which activities they’re most comfortable with and how to use them to win work
  • Improve their tender conversion rate
  • Discover how best to leverage their existing relationships to uncover new opportunities
  • Find out how to use white papers, case studies, social media and press and speaking slots to boost their profile

By working with Tenandahalf your firm will:

  • Identify exactly where your specialisms lie and learn how best to promote them
  • Develop easy-to-implement tactical BD plans designed to win more new work from corporates and attorneys
  • Define your target market, whether that’s by scientific area, sector or geography
  • Learn how to approach that target market profitably and effectively
  • Gain valuable insight into what your clients and your overseas associates really want from you

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We asked Size 10½ Boots to interview a number of our most important clients. Their professional approach and obvious understanding of the legal and intellectual property sectors combined to provide us with a level of insight into our commercial relationships we simply would not have otherwise gained.

Jochen Sties, Partner, Prinz & Partner (Munich)

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