BD support for accountants

Today clients are more sensitive to cost, less wedded to traditional relationships and more focused on added value than ever before. This means that every accountancy practice needs to be more adept at marketing and business development than ever before. This is where we can help.

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We help accountants improve their business development

Today accountants have to be more than grey suits and simply to help their clients stay compliant.

Clients expect more than technical advice, they want to be supported throughout the year not just at year end.  

Your clients also require advice in a variety of different areas; you just need to find out what those areas are.

While the market is increasingly competitive, somewhere there is a group of clients that is just right for your firm; the trick is identifying them then taking the right action to get to know them.

That’s where Tenandahalf can help.

By working with Tenandahalf your partners and managers will:

  • Learn how to identify new targets
  • Gain the confidence to approach those targets and create new business  development opportunities
  • Discover how to network more effectively, both with clients and potential referrers of work
  • Find out which activities they should be focusing on to win new work
  • Create more from their existing clients by adapting their CRM activities so they can up-sell and generate more client referrals
  • Find out how to use white papers, case studies, social media and the press to boost their profile

By working with Tenandahalf your firm will:

  • Adopt new practices to make your marketing and business development budgets go further
  • Develop a value proposition that will make you more competitive without having to compromise on price
  • Become more organised in selling new services to existing clients
  • Find out how to take full advantage of specific commercial opportunities

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“We worked with Size 10½ Boots over the last 3 years. During that time they have gone beyond the original brief in terms of helping set up and drive different marketing initiatives and the support/assistance they have provided between monthly sessions. They are always generous with their input and in making relevant introductions and I can highly recommend Tenandahalf if you want experts who are not afraid to get involved.”

Sudheer Gupta, Partner, Alliotts Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers