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3 benefits your contacts will enjoy when they co-market with you
Why is visibility vital to a lawyer or accountants BD?
How do you get your lawyers and accountants started with BD?
Why, how and when should lawyers and accountants use motion graphics?
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5 steps to better business planning
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5 benefits of 1on1 coaching and mentoring
How do I get better results from my blogs and articles?

How can soft skills coaching help lawyers and accountants grow their practice?
How do lawyers and accountants create more effective client development plans?
5 ways to strengthen and add more value to your professional relationships
5 ways to add value when you can’t make referrals
How can lawyers and accountants create training workshops that work?

5 ways accountants and lawyers can improve their online training
What are the 5 benefits of collaborating more effectively with contacts and referrers?
5 ways lawyers and accountants can use social proofing to more new work
5 ways lawyers and accountants can use their clients and credentials to win more new work
7 tips that will help firms get more from their BD training programmes
When is a webinar NOT a webinar?

5 business development myths for lawyers and accountants we can debunk
Why is it essential for lawyers and accountants to have more informal interactions with clients and contacts?
Who should I have coffee with?
How do I get a coffee meeting?

What are the nuts and bolts of a coffee meeting?
What have we learned about BD since March 2020?
How do you deliver better virtual presentations?
Networking in the absence of face-to-face
How do we do BD from home?
Why is distance learning the practical choice when it comes to delivering BD training?
How can you deliver BD training when everyone is working in different locations?
How do I turn coffee conversations into new opportunities?
Niche your niche!
Business development isn’t just about networking
Flip the pyramid!
internal marketing is marketing too!
Would you put badges on your wedding guests?
Make sure you’re getting 5 BD a day
6 ways to repackage and reuse your seminar conent
6 ways to get more from video calls
4 ways to get more from your content
5 ways to get more from LinkedIn
Successful content is as easy as C,P,D