Superstitions, Friday 13th and the bobbins people talk about marketing and business development

Today is Friday the 13th.  There is a lot of nonsense talked about this date and it’s a superstition that certainly hasn’t been helped by a certain American horror film franchise.  However, whatever its origin is, the legend of Friday 13th got me thinking about some of the myths and nonsense people still believe about marketing and business development.

Here are 5 marketing ideas I want to expose:

1. The annual golf day should be cornerstone of your marketing calendar

No, it shouldn’t. How many of your clients really want a full day on the golf course?  What would your key clients rather do?

2. You need brochures to sell your services

No, you don’t; people sell not brochures.

3. You must go to the opening of every envelope because everyone else does

 No, you should be targeted in your networking.  Choose events that will help you get visible to your clients not your competitors.

4. AI, social media and online have changed the rules of marketing

No, they haven’t.   There is still nothing that beats good old fashioned face-to-face because people buy people.

5. You need to pay to get published

No, you don’t.  Whether you want to pursue editorial opportunities in the trade or local press, all you need to do is know how to work the system. 

This was originally one of Bernard’s daily LinkedIn posts but if you’d like to discuss how you could refresh your approach to marketing and business development please email us today and we can find a time to talk.

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