Likemindedness must be a major feature in your business development plan

If you listen to the Tenandahalf podcast or read our blogs, articles or 10½ Top Tips you will know the importance Doug – my partner in crime – and I place on likemindedness.  But surely (I can hear you say) likemindedness is neither provable nor quantifiable so why do we hold it in such high esteem?

Here are the 5 reasons why we think likemindedness is crucial to successful business development:

1. People buy people so it’s absolutely essential you begin any professional relationship by finding common ground. 

2. Likemindedness helps to cement trust because it makes talking to you easier because you’re talking about something you both like/understand/care about.

3. When problems and challenges arise (which they will given the conversations clients and advisers have to have) you’ll have a genuine personal connection which really will make it easier to have even the toughest conversations.

4. You and your clients/ referrers will communicate like people who actually know each other which really will make communications easier, more genuine and more effective.

5. It’s more enjoyable!  Life’s too short so enjoy what you do and who you work with!

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