What is a brand?

If you are a solicitor, barrister, accountant, architect or patent attorney I would define your brand as what people say about you (or your practice or your firm/chambers) when you are not in the room.

And make no mistake – their perception is your reality.

Many years ago one of my maths teachers had a simple mantra, “life is not fair”.  This is true of both your personal brand and your business’s brand.  Your clients decide who they want to instruct and when they want to instruct them.   The rationale for them making that choice isn’t based on fairness or evidence but on their perspective.  It’s based on whether they think you are the right fit for their business.

So what does this mean when you come to promoting your services?

1.       Remember the 3 C’s – be clear, consistent and confident in how you communicate your story and your services

2.       Be focused in who you target.  Don’t try and be all things to all people as this will dilute your brand

3.       Know exactly how your clients get value from your input and – more importantly – how to communicate that effectively

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