Are you making the most of your case studies?

Case studies are probably the best way to showcase your expertise.

You can use them to demonstrate your capability on your website, to add weight to your tender documents and pitches, to help you get articles published in the publications your clients and targets read and you can add them to your brochures … and yes, I know I don’t like brochures but if you are going to have them, make them good!

Here are 3 practical tips to help you write and use case studies effectively:

1. Where possible add a short client testimonial to complement your case study.  Clients are usually willing and you can recycle this content time and time again for different marketing exercises.

2.  Have a clear structure. The Tenandahalf model is CAR:

C for Context (i.e. the situation you were asked to help resolve)

A for Action (what exactly did you to)

R for Result (what was the outcome thank to your involvement)

3.  When you’re writing up the outcome (the R for Result), try and combine a hard measure (financial) with a soft measure (non-financial).  For example you might say, the advice saved our client £x and meant that they could retire 5 years earlier to spend time with their grandchildren in South Africa.

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