Actually you CAN sell without a brochure but if you do need one …..

A pet hate of mine is fee earners who use brochures as a comfort blanket. Brochures don’t sell, people do!  Yes, they have some value in terms of providing something to leave behind (or better still follow up with) but that’s it!

However, if you are going to produce a brochure here are 5 practical tips to help you get a return on your investment:

1.       Get a professional copywriter involved.  An expert will write copy that affects a response.

2.       Focus on the benefits you offer your clients, not on your firm’s history, how many partners you have and what year your firm was founded.

3.       Focus on case studies and client testimonials. These demonstrate you can do what you claim you can more powerfully than copy ever will.

4.       Presentation matters.  Invest in quality design and production.

5.       You can help the planet and produce many brochures as PDF documents so no you’re not wasting paper unnecessarily.  This also allows you to make changes quickly and cheaply if someone leaves your team.

If you’d like to find out more about the copywriting services Tenandahalf offer, please visit the website or email us so we can find a convenient time to talk.  

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