How do I start a blog?

“How do I start a blog?” is a question we get asked by solicitors, accountants and patent and trade mark attorneys all the time. Tenandahalf’s advice is the always the same – if you want to start a blog all you need is content, clarity and consistency.

Where you can find good content for your blogs?  The easiest place to start is with your clients’ frequently asked questions.  Your clients, prospects and targets are likely to be asking exactly the same questions so your blog won’t just add value, it’ll also be easy to find via the search engines.

Clarity is critical.  You will only have your readers’ attention for a very brief moment in time.  If your messages are neither easy to follow nor interesting, they won’t connect with your target audience.

Consistency is also crucial.  Readers want to see a common thread across all of your communications, without that it’s hard to buy into your brand.  This means committing to a ‘little and often approach” so you post regularly …

… and then, of course, you need to stick to that schedule!

If you’d like some help either getting your content marketing strategy up and running or would even like to outsource your blog writing to an experienced editor, please email us and we will explain how we can help.

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Douglas is a director of Size 10½ Boots, a specialist business development agency that works solely with the professional services, helping firms grow by winning more new clients and more work from the clients they already have. Although every project is different our work generally falls into one of three camps - strategic marketing support, BD training and 1on1 coaching and independent client research.

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