5 practical tips that will make business planning season much, much easier

At this time of the year many of you will be starting business planning.  It’s not a process any of us really enjoy so here are 5 practical tips that will make it easier (and make sure you create plans that add value rather than one that just ticks that box):

# Start your plan with a clear picture of what success looks like, where to you want to be in 12 months’ time?  If you know where you want to get to, all you need to do is work back from where you are today.

# Keep it simple.  A 1 or 2 page document with clear objectives (and try to stick to 3 of those) beats reams of paper that will only be filed away and never referred to again after it’s done the rounds internally.

# Circulate your plan.  Make sure everyone in your organisation sees (and understands) the plan once it’s ready. This is where a visual representation of the plan – e.g. a scorecard – can work well.

# Monitor progress versus delivery with regular reviews. What’s working? What isn’t working? What needs to change so you hit your targets? Monthly reviews are best, bi-monthly will also work but anything less than quarterly won’t.

# Adopt the Tenandahalf OGTM model.  Start with your 3 headline Objectives.  Break each down into 3 – 5 Goals then decide on the Tactics required to deliver those Goals highlighted. The final section are the Measures, i.e. who is accountable and what they need to achieve by when.

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