What can you learn from The Royal College of Anaesthetists about implementing your business plan more effectively?

Are you creating or in the process of implementing a new business plan?

Unfortunately, at this stage many plans are poorly executed if executed at all and just end up getting filed away so take a bow Royal College of Anaesthetists!  You can learn a lot about how to engage an audience just by walking past this trade association’s offices in Holborn and seeing the windows of their premises proudly broadcasting their vision and strategy.

You don’t have to necessarily go to quite such radical steps to engage your team, firm or organisation but you might want to employ one or two of these alternatives to keep your plan alive:

– Translate your business plan into a visually engaging scorecard which can be displayed in the shared parts of your offices

– Capture the headlines from your plan in a video and play it on a screen in your reception

– Don’t stop at the plan; after crafting a vision and strategy create a tactical plan showing what, when and who clearly stating who is accountable for what

– Schedule quarterly ‘town hall’ meetings where your firm’s leaders share progress and successes

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