What networking can lawyers and accountants do while there are still no face-to-face events?

Despite the easing of social restrictions, we are unlikely to return to traditional face-to-face events for some time, certainly not in terms of large formal networking events, so what networking can lawyers and accountants while there are still no face-to-face events?

The good news is there definitely are alternatives to face-to-face networking.   Here are 5 ways you can both strengthen your ties with your existing contacts and grow your professional network:

1. Enjoy the outdoors

While we’ve been under the recent restrictions, ‘netwalking’ has quickly become a lockdown BD phenomenon.  There are several reasons for this including the convergence of our personal and business lives, increased dog ownership and the greater importance we’ve all been encouraged to place on being outdoors.

The idea is to invite likeminded contacts to ‘walk and talk’.  My personal experience of netwalking has been very positive.  In many ways it’s more comfortable than sitting across from someone in a coffee shop and I’ve found my contacts are happy to talk more openly and happier to actually meet as they want to build exercise and fresh air into their working day.

And, when you also factor in the opportunity to make phone calls walking to and from your meeting, netwalking allows to become even more productive.

2. Let your fingers do the walking

The nature of virtual events has adapted as we learned what works and became more familiar with videoconferencing technology including the newer platforms like Remo. 

Remo makes meeting people in large groups really easy by simulating a hotel or conference venue.  You can meet people 1on1, sit in small groups or attend a presentation at the click of your mouse.

Going to virtual events means that location is no longer a barrier and, again, we can use out time more efficiently.

It is easy to find the right events with a quick search on Eventbrite.  And if what you’re looking for doesn’t exist, virtual events are quick, easy and cheap to set up and you can base them on anything.  Over the last year we have seen virtual events set up around pizza making, wine tasting, escape rooms and the shared love of a particular football club.

3. Use the phone and video as alternatives to email

Email is good for conveying information but not so good for building relationships.  When it comes to communicating effectively, the telephone and – more specifically – video calls are miles better.

4. Collaborate with your clients and contacts

Have you considered joint-marketing opportunities with your clients, referrers and other professional contacts?

Working together on podcasts, panel discussions and combined training initiatives are great ways to get closer to your existing contacts and get in front of a brand new audience.

5. Show your human side on social media

In the absence of face-to-face events, you can use social media to show your human side as well as your technical expertise.

At Tenandahalf one of the ways that we’ve shown our human side is through a weekly music playlist #fridayonmymind.

If you would like to a more detailed answer to the question “what networking can lawyers and accountants do while there are still no face-to-face events?”, we can provide either networking training and individual BD coaching.  If you’d like to find out more, please email us.

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