3 of the best: Where is the best place to network?

In the absence of canapes and warm white wine, a common question we get from lawyers and accountants is “where is the best place to network?”

There are 3 important points to consider here:

1. It’s not all about formal events

Smart networkers have always known that networking has never been all about formal events.  The likelihood is you are more likely to see your competitors than clients or targets at these events.

Instead, you should start by proactively finding ways to engineer more contact with the people you know already so you can get closer to them.

You can do this by getting closer to people you know already by arranging to meet them 1on1 or in more informal groups where you’d introducing them to other personal contacts.

Networking with existing contacts, better still informally, is more likely to yield more business, referrals, introductions and other new opportunities, such as collaborating on a shared marketing initiative.

2. Explore virtual networking

Today an increasing number of events are (understandably) being hosted online.  There is now something to cater for all tastes and interests and you can find the events that suit you best by searching websites like Eventbrite.

Many of these online events use a platform called Remo. The benefits of such networking events are:

You can attend presentations, meet people 1on1 and sit in small groups around a virtual table at the click of your mouse

You can network from the comfort of your own home or office therefore avoiding travel, car parking and wasted time

Location is not a barrier to meeting anyone in any sector anywhere in the world at any time you choose

3. Set up your own events

Contrary to popular belief it is easy to set up your own events in person or virtually.

Over the last 6 months we have seen numerous new events spring up.  They have been designed to connect likeminded people, giving them an opportunity to indulge in what they like doing whether that involves food and drink, reading books or simply talking about their favourite sports teams.

If you would like to find out more about our networking training for lawyers and accountants or discuss the how to find the best place to network in more detail, please get in touch and we can find a convenient time to talk.   

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