3 of the best: How can I improve my content?

Another question we are asked a lot by the lawyers, accountants and patent attorneys we work with is “how can I improve my content?” 

I think the first point to make is I know they’re not asking how to make the subjects better.  They are already writing about is the stuff that will affect their clients, their sectors and their practices.  What they’re really asking “how do I get more readers?”.  This comes down to trying 3 things:


Your readers don’t want to pass an law or accountancy exam!  They don’t want to be taught.  They want to find out something that will benefit them explained in a way they’ll understand.

This means that instead of producing detailed, technical pieces try shorter, more conversational pieces that pass the Tenandahalf RSVP test.  Once you’ve written your draft reread it to make sure it is relevant, strategic, valuable and practical.

2. Text is not the only format

Articles and blogs are fine but not everyone wants to read.  Some people prefer to watch or listen so experiment with video, animation, infographics, flowcharts/diagrams and audio (e.g. podcasts).

3. Self-publishing is not the only option

Yes, to keep the search engines’ attention you will need to post a constant flow of new content on your firm’s website but if you want to reach a wider audience, you need to find external editorial opportunities. 

Start by identifying which publications (trade or local, hard copy or online) are read by your target markets then start a conversation with the editors.  They’ll be happy to hear from you because, as a professional adviser, you can provide a very unique perspective on the subjects their readers care about.

If you would like to discuss the different things you can do to improve your content’s readability or even outsource your content to us, please get in touch and we can find a convenient time to talk.  

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