3 of the best: How can I improve my blog’s SEO ranking?

Another question we asked a lot is “how can I improve my blog’s SEO ranking?”

The first thing you need to do is use questions as headers.  This is the way the majority of people search online (and this will only increase if not take over the more voice-activated search tools like Alexa and Siri are used) so it will immediately improve your chances of being found.

The second thing you need to do is choose the right questions and 3 of the best sources of the right questions are: 

1. Current client FAQs

What questions are your clients asking you most often?  You can bet if a few of your clients are asking these questions, people will be searching for the answers online.

2. Current news

If you can take a popular news story and use it to illustrate the point you want to make in your next blog (even if it’s just a scene setting first paragraph), your piece will be more likely to be picked up in related searches.

3. Current search terms

Your marketing team must keep a keen watch on current search terms and trends and ask the appropriate fee earner to blog when they spot something popular.  There are many ways to do this but the easiest (and cheapest) is to use the ‘People Also Asked’ questions Google now lists within its search results as standard.

If you would like to ask ‘how can I improve my blog’s SEO rankings?’ or find out how we can create more of the content that will drive your search engine rankings, please get in touch and we can find a convenient time to talk.  

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