How did it feel? The BD lessons can lawyers and accountants take from surviving Blue Monday?

Your first Monday back at work wasn’t as bad as you thought was it?

Blue Monday (as the annual return to work is now known) is now purported to be one of the toughest working days of the year.  However, I’m willing to bet the reality was you did wake up on time, you did successfully navigate your in box and you even survived to tell the story last night.

The Blue Monday survival experience can actually help your business development and here’s how:

1.       The reality of meeting new people at events is never as painful as the thought of it

2.       Communicating any new year price increases will be understood by your clients … afterall, they’ve probably just increased theirs too!

3.       Picking up the telephone to reconnect with a client, referrer or contact you’ve not spoken to for a while won’t be that tough either

The lesson? Success is mostly about adopting the right mindset; face the fear and just do it!

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