What are the 3 marketing and business development activities that will help lawyers and accountants adapt to the current situation?

Human beings don’t like change, we like consistency (and that goes for our marketing and business development activities as much as anything else). When things aren’t quite the same or we have do things in a different way, we kick back and find excuses we can use to explain why what we’re being asked to do isn’t viable.

In recent months we’ve all been forced to change the way we do things.  Working from home is now normal practice and we’re all up to our eyes (quite literally!) in video meetings, something we’d definitely have found a raft of excuses not to do before the crisis.

Within marketing and business development circles there are even more changes happening.  These changes may not be getting as much attention as working from home and videoconferencing but I can assure you, the firms that are willing to try something new are seeing positive results.

Here are 3 marketing and business development activities we’ve seen work well for law firms and accountancy practices:

1. Webinars

If you have ever been responsible for hosting one of your firm’s events you’ll be familiar with:

– The 6-8-week time lag between the original idea and the event taking place

– The hassle of project managing the invitations, the venue, the catering and everything else within the budget you’ve been given

– The disappointment when only 30 people turn up (despite the fact you got 60 acceptances)

– The increase in disappointment when you realise the people that do turn up aren’t clients but various professional liggers looking to meet your clients

Now compare this to the cheaper hassle-free alternative, webinars:

– The event can be turned around in days, not weeks

– The only project management is emailing a Zoom or Teams invitation

– There’s no catering

– Significantly fewer people bail out at the last minute as they only need to dial in

– Best of all, you are more likely to get the people you really want attending

2. Co-hosting podcasts

Many law firms, accountants, banks, IFAs and brokers now run their own podcasts and there are even more independently run podcasts who focus solely on the professional services.  The challenge they face is coming up with the fresh content and new voices that will hold their audiences’ interest and keep them coming back for more.

This is an opportunity for you.

If you know one of your professional contacts runs a podcast, why not ask if you can be a guest?  It’ll get you in front of a new audience and it helps them with their search for a fresh perspective that will strengthen their marketing.

3. Creating video

In and among the huge volume of new content that’s flooded the internet recently, some firms have produced some excellent videos.   

My personal favourites include the patent and trade mark firm who recorded two partners in their respective homes discussing artificial intelligence and the London barristers’ chambers who have released a regular series of videos of their members discussing various property matters.

What was so refreshing about these two examples is that both took a much lighter approach.  The result was they came across as approachable, friendly and people you might actually want to contact.

How have you seen marketing and BD activities adapting to the current environment?  And of those, which work best?

If you’d like to pick up on any of the marketing and business development activities covered here (or discuss anything else relating to marketing or business development) please email us today.

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