How do you really imbed cross-selling into the fabric of your firm?

Improving cross-selling is not only the easiest way for you to grow your firm’s fees, it’s also the most cost-effective. The sticking point though is working out how best to do it, especially if your fee earners traditionally work in silos.

Here are 5 smart ideas we’ve seen professional service firms put in place to help them create new cross-selling opportunities simply by strengthening the personal relationships they already have:

1. Ask other departmental heads if you can attend the last 10 minutes of their team meetings to reintroduce yourself and remind your colleagues what you do

2. Include colleagues on your Coffee Plans so you’re getting regular face time with key colleagues in the other departments within your firm … and if you choose the colleagues you like, this becomes even easier!

3. Make it easier for colleagues to refer to you by highlighting the triggers (i.e. the circumstances, questions and words) that should remind them they need to put that client in touch with you.

4. Focus on discussing clients’ needs earlier in your discussions with colleagues.  Try to broker introductions to them at an earlier stage in their relationship with your firm so the client has an opportunity to really get to know you and establish the level trust by the time they need your services.

5. Go to your firm’s events and/or external events with a colleague in another department not with the colleagues you work closely with.

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