How do you ‘follow up’ effectively and add value?

One issue I see all too often is professionals getting preoccupied with seeking instructions and referrals in follow up ‘coffee’ meetings.  However, a good relationship is never all about instructions and referrals.  There is a multitude of other ways for you to add value to your professional relationships so you get closer to your contacts.

So what other opportunities are there to ways to build trust?

Ask your contact is looking to achieve in a) the next 3 months and b) during the year ahead.  By increasing your understanding, you’ll immediately see ways in which you might be able to help.

Can you provide an introduction that takes your client/referrer/target closer to realising their goals? This might be a colleague in your firm, another adviser in a related field or something different entirely (I seem to remember Doug sharing details of a flying instructor for one client!)

What publications does your contact’s organisation produce?  Staff newsletters, client brochures and e-bulletins all provide opportunities to publish content.  Clients often welcome third-party content as it adds credibility to their own marketing (and means they have to produce less content in-house!).

What speaking platforms can you share or exchange?  If your contact has been tasked with organising seminars or training, they are likely to welcome an offer of help.  And this works both ways so you also need to consider what events you’re running that may help boost your client or contact’s visibility.

What market intelligence do you receive that you could repackage or forward on to your clients and contacts as an added value (and FoC) extra?

Implementing marketing and business development strategies is one of Tenandahalf’s specialisms so if you’d like to discuss how you can improve the implementation of your firm’s plan, please drop us a line and we can find a convenient time to talk.

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