10½ simple tricks you can implement today to improve the effectiveness of your business development

Some law, IP and accountancy firms are still looking for marketing magic wand, some brilliant new idea no one else has ever had.   The reason they can’t find it is that it doesn’t exist!

My suggestion?  Instead of searching for something that doesn’t exist, check that you’re doing the basics listed out below; these simple tactics will ensure you are getting the best results from your marketing and BD.

1. Review your Outlook folders to find clients, referrers and other professional contacts to reconnect with

2. Do the same exercise on LinkedIn to find existing connections that you’ve not spoken to for some time

3. Each week call one or two of these existing contacts for a catch-up

4. Make these contacts planned and regular; you don’t win work from one-off acts!

5. Focus on more informal events rather than the more traditional formal interactions

6. When planning any activity, build in time for follow up … no excuses!

7. Have a system for employing ‘Saw this & thought of you’ type emails (personalised links or hard copy articles you know are relevant to someone’s practice or interests)

8. Flip the focus of your BD so you’re doing things that’ll get you closer to the people you already know

9. Ask your existing contacts for introductions to people you know they know and want to get to know yourself.  And be specific, name names.  If they like you they will help

10. Ask the same people who they would like to be introduced to and make it happen

10½. Join the trade bodies and associations your clients and targets are members of then go to their events and write for their newsletter or website

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