How to save money on business development tools

I have a practical suggestion that will not only save your firm tens of thousands of pounds but also spare you the cost/effort/disruption of implementing an expensive CRM system or updating your current contact management software.

All you need is what Microsoft or Apple already offers as standard.

If you were to write up, collect and evaluate the insight gleaned via your fee earners’ coffee meetings with clients, referrers and other professional contacts, just imagine the depth and breadth of client intelligence that could be mined after just 1 year of using this system … even if only half your fee earners participated!

What should this note cover?

1 Details

Who you saw, where and when

2 What you learned

This will include any personal details about your contact as well as client intelligence, market/sector insight and any information on what your competitors are up to.

3 Next steps

Based on what you found out, what will you do next?  Another meeting, an introduction, an invitation to a social or seminar, a fee quote, sharing an article of interest, adding their name to your marketing list?

Your note can and should be completed in 10 minutes but if you really don’t have those 10 minutes, you could just add a few bullet points to your shared system in the required format.

If you’d like to discuss how we could help your team review their approach to networking (or any other aspect of BD), email us and we’ll find a time to chat.

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