How do you get better outcomes from the events you host?

Now the holiday season is ending many firms are starting to host events again.  But events take up time and budget so how do you get better outcomes from the events you host?

You may be sorting out your next round of legal updates, training, panel discussions and social events are being organised and invitations sent out.  However, all too often too much focus is given to slides and canapes and not enough consideration is given to business objectives, calls to action and follow up.

Giving talks in any of the formats listed can be one of the most effective and time efficient BD strategies but only with brilliant execution and brilliant execution involves 5 things:

1. Having clear objectives

What does success look like?

How will you measure success?

What do you want to happen the next day? In 30 days? In 90 days?

2. Getting in front of the right audience 

What is the profile of the perfect attendee?

Who is in a position to instruct or refer work?

Is this event aimed at existing contacts or prospective clients and referrers?

3. Engaging with your audience at the event

What format will be most effective?

How will keep your audience attentive if its at the end of the day?

How might you hone the delivery skills of those presenting?

4. Building in a clear call-to-action

How will you lead your audience to take the next step to get closer to you?

What alternatives will you offer?

How will you make this easy and low risk for the client?

5. Staying visible (and continuing your conversation after the event)

How are you going to follow up?

What do you plan to do progress the conversation in the days, weeks, and months that follow your event?

How will you follow up with people that sign for the event but don’t actually attend?

How will you track follow up contacts?

How are you going to follow up your follow up if your first effort goes unanswered?

If you would like to discuss how to make sure you get better outcomes from the events you host, please contact us today and we can arrange a convenient time to talk.

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