Do you need a reason to get in touch with a client?

One of the things we’re often told by the lawyers and accountants we work with is they feel a bit awkward getting in touch with clients out the blue.  Well, here is one reason to get in touch with a client that pretty much works in any situation.

Better still, it’s always well received and the conversation will end with your client thinking you have gone above and beyond which is never a bad thing!

If you have someone you’d like to talk to all you need to do is come up with a reason to talk to them (we’ll share some reasons a bit later) then pick the phone up instead of emailing them and say:

“I was going to email this, but I thought it’d be easier just to ring and talk it through.”

It’s not rocket science (but like all the best ideas it’s simple) but it works and works in almost every situation.  I have to be honest and say this isn’t something I thought up.  It is a ploy our accountant has used since we started working with them 5 or 6 years ago.  It is also one I now know is a ploy but fall for every time …

… and think what a good service they’ve provided every time they do it!

What reasons can lawyers and accountants use to get in touch with a client?

In terms of finding an excuse to pick the phone up, here are a few tips that should help you come up with the right idea for the right client at the right time:

1. Something relating to an ongoing piece of work.  This is the easiest and most credible as it probably will be a bit involved so a chat rather than an email will be appreciated.

2. You’ve seen a news story on the client and that’s ‘reminded’ you to pick the phone up to say congratulations or make a suggestion as to how you may be able to help them take the next step.

3. You’ve seen a story about a competitor you just had to share.

4. You’ve heard of an event you thought would be of mutual interest and wondered if they’d like to go with you.

5. You’re running an event you think would be of benefit and wanted to make sure they knew about it (and know why it will be of benefit).

6. You’ve just done a piece of work for another client and you thought what you’ve done and the way you’ve done it may also benefit them and you wanted to talk it through in case it is of interest.

7. You’ve heard of a restaurant/bar/coffee shop that is right up their street (because you’ve taken the time to get to know your clients and what they like) so wanted to let them know about it .  Better still, you’re ringing to ask them to go with you to check it out.

There is literally always a reason for a lawyer or accountant to get in touch with a client.  You just need to have a think about what it might be.  But it is thinking time that will always deliver a return.

If you’d like to discuss client development strategies or offer your fee earners BD coaching to improve your team’s approach to marketing and BD, please get in touch and we can find a convenient time to talk.

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