Why should lawyers and accountants invest time in podcasts and video?

Some lawyers and accountants believe that that now restrictions have eased many of the digital marketing initiatives that kept them going over lockdown will disappear.  This is definitely not the case and I’d like to explain why  lawyers and accountants should invest time in podcasts and video.

I repeatedly hear we are all ‘Zoomed out’, that it’s increasingly difficult to engage people virtually in webinars and roundtables, that we need to return immediately to traditional networking events instead of pursuing all these techy alternatives.

However, at this point it is important to make a distinction between strategy and execution.  Just because something is not working effectively doesn’t mean the approach is flawed.  It means the execution needs to be examined.

Marketing communications and BD strategies now have more (physical and virtual) channels than ever before and podcasts and video are most definitely a big part of this new landscape.

6 reasons why lawyers and accountants should invest in podcasts and video

1. The digital outputs can be used as fresh content on your firm’s website to boost your search engine optimisation (Google loves video!).

2. Audio and video allow your audience to engage with you as humans rather than technical practitioners.

3. Audio and video gives you new links you can use to stay in touch with your clients and contacts between face-to-face meetings.

4. Audio and video are cheap – you can do most things on your phone or tablet.

5. Audio and video provide an effective way to explain things in detail (to an infinite audience) when location is a barrier to seeing people in person.

6. Audio and video enables you to showcase your expertise in a more engaging way.

3 advantages podcasts and video have over more traditional alternative BD activities

Although there are obvious benefits linked to using more audio and video content, podcasts and video actually has 3 enormous advantages over some of the more traditional BD activities and these are the 3 reasons why lawyers and accountants should invest time in podcasts and video:

1. Audio and video give you a reason to follow up on conversations and, as we know, without follow up, your business development won’t yield the results you want.

2. Producing podcasts and videos is less time consuming than producing, rehearsing, and delivering slides.

3. Delivering seminars is a one-off unless they’re recorded; audio and video content can be resent, repurposed, rewatched and recycled.

Effective BD is about building closer professional relationships, engaging in networking events, using social media, and creating content in print and online formats.  Podcasts and video complement and supplement all these activities perfectly. 

If you would like to discuss how to get started with podcasting (and you can check out our podcast here) or creating motion graphics or ‘talking head’ videos, please get in touch today and we can arrange a convenient time to talk.

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