How can a BD coach help you get better results from business development?

Sometimes while there is recognition a BD coach can help you get better results from your business development, the final decision to appoint a BD coach can often be put off.  This is usually because of the influence of one of two common BD myths.

The first myth is you have to be a certain personality type to be good at business development. Wrong!  Introverts and extroverts can both win new clients and grow fees.

The second myth is BD is something you either can or can’t do, something that can’t be coached.  Wrong!  Like everything in life, it most certainly can.

BD coaching for lawyers, accountants, patent attorneys and barristers does however have to yield results.  The best way to make sure that happens is by matching everyone to the activities that will enable them to shine.

Let me explain…

To get the best results from BD you need practical direction that matches your objectives to your personality, interests and the most likely source of new work which could be:

– Growing fees and referrals from your existing clients and professional contacts

– Winning more instructions and referrals from lapsed clients and/or referrers

– Winning more new clients

Success in each area requires different skills.

Growing your existing relationships suits fee earners who are most comfortable with the people they know already.  Here listening skills, attention to detail and being able to deliver value over and above the brief will yield more business.

Winning more instructions from lapsed clients will suit someone who is more adept at maintaining relationships outside of open client files.  It will require a fee earner to be proactive, use the telephone and be disciplined in being more structured in the way they stay visible in between matters.

Attracting new clients typically suits more the more extroverted, those who enjoy meeting new people through networking and are prepared to ask for introductions and invitations.

Creating and broadcasting content can also play a big part in winning new business but it actually has equal applicability to all 3 groups.

Similarly, networking is not the only option! 

Business development has different strokes for different folks.  Here are some of the possibilities:

Giving talks

Presenting at events – in person or virtually – helps you to showcase your expertise and build confidence in promoting these skills to a bigger audience.

Writing blogs or articles

Creating written content is a great way to build visibility and show exactly how you can you’re your readers.

Using new media

Alternatives to written content like podcasts, pre-recorded and downloadable webinars and ‘talking head’ videos are another hugely effective way to use content to promote you and your practice.

Meet more new people

When it comes to the most productive ways to win new work, meeting new people and starting new conversations is second only to spending more time with the people you already know.  Although things are still some ways from normal, you can network virtually as well as in person.  Or you could start your own groups to bring the people who share your interests together.

Desk research

This is an important aspect of BD that is often overlooked.  Desk research might involve finding which events your colleagues should go to, which publications they should be writing, identifying any new routes to market and, of course, seeing what your competitors are doing.

But if you really want to know how a BD coach can help you get better results from your business development, we’d say there are 3 key benefits of using BD coaching:

1. Helping you to apply the theory you’ve learned in BD training courses to the specifics of your circumstances, personality, preferences career position and client portfolio.

2. Providing a safe environment in which you can build your confidence, focus and effectiveness and giving you the opportunity to discuss your personal BD plan in confidence.

3. Saving you time by eliminating the activities that don’t deliver results or work for you personally.

BD coaching for lawyers, accountants, patent attorneys and barristers is one of Tenandahalf’s core specialisms.  If you’d like to discuss BD coaching or BD training please email us today and we can find a convenient time to talk.

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