Are you bored of running the same old hospitality events?

Are you bored of just running the same old hospitality events?  

More importantly, are your clients bored of the same old hospitality events you run?!

If you are looking for inspiration for ideas to do something different to entertain your clients, just Google it!

A quick search for “UK events on 14th January” has highlighted the following eclectic mix you could be taking your clients to today:

– In Search of Black History with Bonnie Greer OBE at The British Museum

– Science, Society and Environmental Change at Durham University

– New Shorts: Funny Shit at Institute of Contemporary Arts

– Historical pub tour of London

– Private View of ‘the experience of history’ in Manchester

– Historical Murder Town Trail in Ramsgate

Our own experience from running a punk walking tour of Soho is that you will get a higher acceptance rate and much more engagement by taking a risk and doing something a bit different.

If you’d like to find some new ideas to refresh your approach to marketing and business development, why not drop us an email and arrange your first free 45 minute consultation?

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