Do you have a favourite crime drama?

There is a helpful exercise that detectives use you can adopt to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your business development.

You know that scene in your favourite crime drama when, after a murder, the senior detective stands in front of a large white board and addresses the staff?  In the first scene the white board just shows the victim but later, as the show goes on, suspects are added.  By the end they’ve built up a complete picture which will inevitably lead them to the culprit before the final credits roll.

The majority of BD campaigns I see lack this level of focus but adopting the ‘Murder Wall’ approach really will help you build the perfect picture of what you need to do to get visible (and stay visible) to the clients you want.

Who are their current advisers?

Where do they go?

What publications do they read?

What trade bodies/associations/networking groups do they belong to?

What are the big issues in their organisation and/or sector?

What other clients have you worked with in this sector?

There are many, many more questions to answer of course but this will get you started and the exercise required to get this far is also a great way to involve your wider team in BD.

I have used this exercise successfully with solicitors, accountants, architects and patent attorneys to get better outcomes from their BD, why don’t you try it?

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