Are you the person in your family primarily responsible for childcare? And is childcare getting in the way of your BD?

If you are it’s likely you find it difficult to attend networking events.

Breakfast events interfere with the school run and after work events clash with your child’s football/rugby training, piano lessons or maths club … things I can just about remember though now I’m more stressed about them actually coming home at night and the carnage I will find in the kitchen in the morning if they do!

So how can you contribute to business development if this is your world?

Well, there are many ways that you can play your part in promoting your business and here are 5:

1. Learn to get more value from LinkedIn (possibly more social media platforms in time but LinkedIn first).  Using LinkedIn properly is time efficient; you don’t need to be in the office and it is a great way to stay visible to contacts and position yourself as an expert.

2. Keep in touch with people with hand-written cards to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays or just to send a thank you note.

3. Get into ‘saw this & thought of you’.  List out 10 business contacts you know you need to stay close to and next to the names, add a note about what interests each.  Look out for anything linked to those interests in the press, trade publications or in reports and send it to them.

4. Have a system for sending regular e -bulletins highlighting how legislative changes or case law might impact your clients.

5. Pick the phone up!  Create a list of 50 people that you’ve lost contact with and make a commitment to phone one person each week to reconnect.

If you’d like to discuss how you can improve the implementation of your firm’s plan, please drop us a line and we can find a convenient time to talk.

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