Business development training for patent attorneys

Our BD training programmes provide all the skills patent and trade mark attorneys need to boost their profile and win more new work for the firm.

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Business development training for patent and trade mark attorneys

The most productive marketing tool any IP firm has is its attorneys but are yours creating as many new opportunities as they should be?

If your attorneys are going to really drive your firm’s marketing and business development, they will need to develop their marketing and business development skills so they know how to:

1.       Win more work from your current clients (including the overseas attorneys you work with regularly)

2.       Stay visible so they create new introductions and referrals

3.       Target and convert new prospects

The best part is once they have those skills they can continue to generate new fees and new opportunities for you long into the future. 

Better still, as their efforts won’t come with the generous price tags associated with advertising, sponsorship or hospitality, your marketing and business development will soon become much more profitable.

Tenandahalf deliver bespoke business development workshops designed specifically for patent and trade mark attorneys.  

Our workshops are always based around the most straightforward marketing and business development advice, ideas we know work and ideas your people can implement easily and immediately so you can quickly start enjoying the results. 

While we can create workshops on any aspect of marketing and business development, the areas we tackle most frequently include networking, how to spot and progress new targets, client development and client relationship management, presentation skills, how to produce more productive content and how to make the best use of social media.  

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When it comes to choosing attendees, we can meet the demands of every member of your team as we have delivered business development training for attorneys at every stage of their career from trainees through to partners.

As well as workshops we also provide 1on1 coaching to cover the individual training requirements of your patent and trade mark attorneys in confidence. 

Our 1on1 coaching sessions will give your attorneys an opportunity to explore the BD strategies they are most comfortable with and, by exploring current best practice, combine those strategies into a personal BD plan they can implement easily and use to generate new opportunities work for your firm long into the future.

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