BD coaching for patent and trade mark attorneys

Our BD coaching for patent and trade mark attorneys patent and trade mark attorneys provides the support and confidence attorneys need to create an effective personal BD plan that plays directly to their strengths.

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BD coaching for patent and trade mark attorneys

How can you really address the individual training and development needs of your patent and trade mark attorneys?

While workshops offer the perfect vehicle for tackling the majority of your business development training needs, they may not cover the more specific requirements of some of the attorneys in your team as some may be nervous to ask questions in front of their colleagues or want more time to explore particular ideas in more detail.

This is why in addition to traditional workshops, Tenandahalf also offer 1on1 coaching.

Working 1on1 with one of Tenandahalf’s directors offers you:

  • An opportunity to focus on what the BD methods most comfortable for you and work out how best to use them to form a personal BD blueprint you can use to win work throughout your career
  • The chance to take advantage of the business development best practice we’ve built up in our professional services and corporate lives
  • A personal sounding board you can use to discuss, refresh and implement new marketing initiatives that will help you build your practice and your network of overseas attorneys
  • The opportunity to discuss wider issues in confidence with an experienced business person

If you would like to see the other marketing and business development services we offer to patent and trademark attorneys please click here.  

If you would like to discuss how we could provide 1on1 coaching for your patent or trade mark attorneys please email us today.

Or, would you like some tips to help you make your BD more effective while we’re working from home?

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