5 tips that will generate much more BD success than an easy but expensive quick fix

Quick fixes like a new CRM system, a new website, new brochures or sponsoring your local sports club may (and I stress may) play a small part in promoting your practice but on their own each is highly unlikely to deliver the results you’re looking for.

If you are going to make sure you adopt a genuinely productive approach to marketing and business development, you will need to follow 5 key principles:

1. Partner with advisers who have a track record in your sector, not the local marketing generalist

2. Implementation should be given even more priority, investment and time than strategy

3. Internal and external support are never mutually exclusive, both will play a crucial part

4. Understand the difference between Key PERFORMANCE Indicators (activity) and Key RESULTS Indicators (financials)

5. What gets measured gets done; don’t work towards woolly targets like ‘greater market awareness’, work towards numbers like ‘3 new articles per month’ or ‘organise 2 social events for clients and contacts per quarter’.

Please take a look at how we design and implement marketing and business development plans for the professional services or if you’ve something specific in mind, why not email us so we can find a good time to talk?

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