Client listening for patent and trade mark attorneys

Taking the time to listen to your clients will not only give you the insight you need to strengthen your most important relationships, it will also generate new opportunities and give you new ideas that will help you market your firm more effectively.

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Client listening for patent and trade mark attorneys

Have you thought about how much more work you could win from both your corporate clients and the overseas attorneys you work with if you just took some time to listen to them? 

As the international intellectual property market becomes more competitive, it has never been as crucial for patent and trade mark attorneys to build the strongest possible relationships with their clients and with the attorneys they work with around the world.  Why?  Because they all quite rightly expect the highest possible levels of service.

Tenandahalf specialise in client listening for patent and trade mark attorneys. We currently run annual client service review programmes for a growing number of IP firms.  

We know exactly how to extract the information you need to protect, strengthen and grow your key relationships and become truly outstanding in your clients’ and your contacts’ eyes.

Your firm will benefit from client service reviews because:

  • You’ll find out how to make your key client relationships as strong as possible which will help you increase client retention and maximise the fees each relationship generates
  • You will identify any gaps in your current service offering which, once improved, will help you cement your current clients and make you more attractive to prospective new clients
  • Investing in listening to your clients (rather than just talking about it) will underline your commitment to your clients which will create new opportunities and new introductions organically
  • Once you know what your clients consider critical, you can use that insight to edge ahead of your competitors and, in the case of your attorney contacts, increase the number of cases you receive

But the best thing about client research is it’s almost always a self-funding exercise.  Giving your clients the opportunity to air their opinions and suggest improvements instantly brings new fee earning opportunities to light.

If you would like to discuss how you could implement a client service review programme, please email us today.

Or, if you’d like some tips to help you stay as close as possible to your clients while we’re working from home, please click here.

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