Marketing support for patent and trade mark attorneys

We provide a comprehensive range of marketing support for patent and trade mark attorneys that includes everything from strategic planning to copywriting, SEO, content production and pitch and tender support.

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Marketing support for patent and trade mark attorneys

Do you want to refresh your firm’s approach to marketing and business development?

Our marketing support for patent and trade mark attorneys will make sure both your strategy and your attorneys are ready to help you accomplish your commercial objectives? 

We work with intellectual property firms all over the world to help them achieve that goal.

  • While no two projects are the same, the areas we assist patent and trade mark attorneys with most regularly are:
  • Giving you access to an external marketing department should you not currently have your own
  • Providing an external marketing director who can support your in-house resource by making a more strategic input and by suggesting some practical and proven tactics
  • Offering more specialist assistance with specific projects should your team not have those particular skills
  • Simply providing an extra pair of hands to get certain initiatives over the line when your marketers are busy delivering other projects    

However you choose to use Tenandahalf, having us on-board will:

  • Give you access to a wealth of new ideas that will help make your marketing and BD more productive,  ore time-efficient and more cost-effective 
  • Identify ways you can improve your marketing and BD activities and work out which you can drop so you don’t spend your budget unproductively and unnecessarily
  • Help you work out some new ways to realise your firm’s commercial goals more quickly and more easily
  • Give you a hugely experienced external sounding board who only work towards one very simple objective, to help you grow your firm

To find out more about how we can support your IP firm’s current marketing and business development activities or how we could help you refine your marketing and BD strategy, please email us today.