design services for lawyers and accountants

In an increasingly competitive market, it is absolutely essential your firm stands out. Fresh, clear, contemporary and eye-catching branding will help make sure you do which is why we provide design services for lawyers and accountants.

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Design services for lawyers and accountants, patent and trade mark attorneys, barristers and architects

If you firm’s brand is looking a little tired, maybe it’s time for an update.

In an increasingly competitive market, it is absolutely essential that every law firm, IP firm, barristers’ chambers or accountancy or architects’ practice stands out. Our design services for lawyers and accountants will help you do just that.

Your branding has to be eye-catching.  You can’t afford to slip behind your competitors (or, worse, into the background altogether). 

Your branding also needs to be fresh, contemporary and clean so you look relevant and attractive rather than dated and dusty.

Our design team will help you do just that. 

By combining a wealth of creative agency experience with a long history of working with professional service firms, our designers know how to create exactly the right brand image for lawyers, accountants, patent and trade mark attorneys and barristers’ chambers.

The most important part of this process (and the reason that combination of agency and professional services experience is so vital) is making sure your new brand doesn’t lose any of your firm’s history or personality or any of the brand capital you’ve built up over the years. 

Just as importantly, your designers have to remember you are a law firm, an IP firm, a chambers or an accountancy practice so producing an overly arty or outlandish design will simply not work for your markets. 

As we only work with legal, IP and accountancy firms you can be sure we will only produce ideas that will work for your clients and your markets as well as ideas that will work across every marketing channel, in hard copy, online and on social media.

This is a delicate balancing act but because we are professional services specialists, we are able to strike that balance every time.

What does branding a law firm or an accountancy practice involve?

Part of the process will be to refresh your logo.  It may also involve introducing a new colour palette or coming up with a more streamlined and client-friendly version of you name.  However, proper branding covers much more. 

Your brand has to accurately reflect your firm’s culture, ethos and market position and accurately reflect what your clients think when they hear your name.  As highly regarded client listening experts, this is another benefit of using Tenandahalf for your rebrand; we know how to talk to your clients in order to get that information and insight.

It also needs to be consistent across every touch point which is why our designers offer a fully comprehensive design service for lawyers and accountants that includes:

  • Designing a new brand
  • Managing a brand refresh or a brand re-design
  • Producing brand guidelines
  • Designing a new website
  • Designing new brochures and other marketing materials
  • Designing social media tiles and promotions
  • Producing video, infographics and animations

What are our deliverables when it comes to producing your firm’s new brand?

While every project is vastly different and the creative will be influenced by your audience, your history, your target market/s and the messages you want to promote, the non-negotiables all of our brand designs must fulfil are:

Clarity.  Your branding needs to tell everyone who sees it exactly who you are and what you stand for.

Consistency.  Every one of your firm’s external and internal touchpoints will feature your new branding so you are ‘one firm’.

Creativity.  Yes, we work within the accepted parameters of the professional services but that doesn’t mean we compromise on aesthetics or ideas.

Congruency.  As we will invest in learning your clients and your culture, your brand will fit perfectly with the market position you have worked so hard to build.

If you would like to find out more about our design services for lawyers, accountants, patent and trade mark attorneys, barristers and architects, please email us today and we can set up a first free meeting to discuss what you are looking to do.

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