copywriting for lawyers and accountants

Do your website, brochures, special reports and case studies promote your firm or Chambers in the way you want them to?  If not, we can help you review and refresh the copy on your website and/or in your marketing collateral.

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We specialise in copywriting for lawyers and accountants

Do your brochures, website, tender documents, blogs and articles explain why you’re different? Do they make a compelling case as to why the reader should instruct you rather than your competitors?

Do they outline the benefits of working with your Chambers or law, accountancy or intellectual property firm? 

Do they clearly articulate why your solicitors, patent or trade mark attorneys, accountants or barristers will be a better choice than your competitors?

If not, it may be time to review and refresh your material so that all three objectives are met.

Your website is often the first thing a prospective client will see and your brochures are there to remind them about all of the services you offer.  Both are massively influential in the decision making process and if they do not grab your readers’ attention, you may miss out on opportunities.

Tenandahalf have a wealth of experience when it comes to copywriting for lawyers and accountants. We know how to ensure your website and brochures answer the all-important question – “why should we use you?” 

From there we will make sure all of your marketing collateral:

  • Stands out from your competitors’ so you are the most attractive option for your prospective clients
  • Clearly articulates how/why you are different from your competitors
  • Addresses the actual requirements of the client rather than just listing your technical skills
  • Employs a more persuasive structure that will influence your readers’ decisions
  • Includes clear calls-to-action so it’s as easy as possible for the reader to get in touch and start a conversation with you     

Or, if you are concentrating on ramping up your content marketing, you can outsource the writing of your blogs and articles to us.

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“Having previously worked in several ad agencies I can safely say Doug is the best copywriter I’ve ever worked with! Backed with his understanding of your strategic direction and the marketplace, Doug’s easy yet concise copy style will give you the tools to communicate with your target audience.”

Nick Birkett, (former) Marketing Director, Stone King LLP