Client listening for law firms

Taking the time to listen to your clients will not only give you the insight you need to strengthen your most important relationships, it will also generate new opportunities and give you new ideas that will help you market your firm more effectively.

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Client listening for law firms

Have you thought about how much more work you could win from your key clients if you just invested some time to listen to them?

Client listening should be a marketing must for all law firms.

The legal market has never been more competitive and the buyers of legal services have never been as discerning. This means it has never been as crucial for law firms to make sure they create the strongest possible client relationships and deliver the highest levels of service.

Tenandahalf have run client service reviews for law firms for more than a decade.  We know exactly how to use client interviews to extract the information you need to protect, strengthen and grow your most important client relationships so you become truly outstanding in your clients’ eyes.

Client listening will benefit your firm by:

  • Underlining your commitment to your clients them which will immediately open up new opportunities for work and referrals which makes the whole client listening exercise self-funding
  • Finding out how what you need to do to make your key client relationships as strong as possible which will help you both increase client retention and maximise fee levels
  • Identifying any blind spots in your current service offering and once you improve those, you will secure your current clients and make your firm more attractive to prospective new clients
  • Showing you what your clients consider critical, insight you can use to gain a commercial edge over your competitors and increase your market share

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