BD coaching for lawyers

Our BD coaching for lawyers builds on what they’ve learned during traditional BD workshops. In our coaching sessions your lawyers will dig deeper into the areas of most interest so they can create a more effective personal BD plan that plays directly to their strengths.

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BD coaching for lawyers

When you’re trying to improve your in-house business development capabilities, how do you really get through to the individual members of your team?

Workshops are a great start.  They’ll convey the key themes but they won’t directly address the personal preferences or particular skill sets of your solicitors whether they are associates looking to establish themselves within the firm or partners looking to review and refresh their approach to marketing and business development.

This is why we provide personal BD coaching.

Working 1on1 with one of Tenandahalf’s directors offers you: 

  • The opportunity to focus on what you want to do and how best to do it so you can create a personal plan you can use to win work for the remainder of your career
  • Access to the proven best practice that we’ve collected both during our ‘corporate lives’ and from our work with other professional service firms
  • A personal sounding board you can discuss and refresh the way you tackle marketing and BD to help you build your practice
  • A chance to discuss wider issues in confidence with someone external  rather than with a colleague 

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