Presentation skills training for accountants

Whether you are presenting at one of your firm’s events or speaking at a conference or delivering your talk in person or online, you need to present with impact and engage your audience. You’ll learn to do both with our presentation skills training for accountants.

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Presentation skills training for accountants

Speaking slots (whether they’re delivered in person or online) are one of the most productive marketing tools accountants have.  However, if your talks are going to generate new work, you need to present with impact.

This is where our presentation skills training for accountants will help.

Wining a speaking opportunity is only a fraction of the job.  Once you have your speaking slot you need to know how to deliver your material confidently, enthusiastically and engagingly regardless of the type of presentation and the audience.  

We’ll show you how to get it right, how to structure your content so that it provides exactly what your audience wants in the way they want it and how to deliver your content in a way that will engage your audience and maximise the likelihood your presentations deliver the optimum result:

To win new work and new clients.

This skills are even more vital now we’re doing more and more of our presenting online.

What does our presentation skills training for accountants cover?

During our unique two-part presentation skills training programme your accountants will:

  • Find out how to deliver their presentations with real impact
  • Learn the practicalities of presenting – How do you move? How do you maintain eye contact?  How do you keep your audience engaged and involved?
  • Improve your follow-up so you know what to do after the event to generate and convert more enquiries from your speaking slots
  • Know how to structure your presentations so they deliver real value and showcase your technical skills
  • Learn how to create slides that actually hold your audiences’ attention

If you would like to find out how we can help you improve your accountants’ presentation skills, please email us today.

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