Business and management training for a law firm’s new partners

The complete business and management training package for the next partners in your firm delivered by an experienced team who really understand how HR, BD and finance impact on the legal world.

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PathtoPartner: Business and management training for your next partners

PathtoPartner is the complete non-technical training package for the next partners in your firm.  

Every module is delivered by an experienced team who really understand how best to train and develop solicitors, accountants and patent and trade mark attorneys. 

While those you have highlighted for partnership have undoubtedly made the grade technically and have demonstrated the ability to look after your clients, do they have all of the business and management skills that will be essential if they are to continue to grow their practice and your firm?

Do they know how to consistently bring in new work?  Can they keep growing and farming their network so the opportunities keep coming long into the future?  Are they ready to manage their team (and themselves) in an efficient and productive way?  Do they have the business acumen and financial know how to spot and deal with potential problems and keep driving their practice forward?

These are exactly the questions PathtoPartner has been set up to answer. 

We have a put together a panel of trusted experts all of whom have the specialist professional services experience required to add the finishing touches to your future partners.  We will give them the skills to ensure they are fully prepared to make the highest possible impact on the future of your firm.

As PathtoPartner’s marketing and business development specialists, Tenandahalf will cover:

  • How smarter partners win more work
  • How to network effectively
  • How to create more value from existing relationships

Our HR partner will cover:

  • How to create (and maintain) your personal brand
  • How to manage yourself effectively
  • How to manage your team effectively

Meanwhile the two firms of accountants (both of whom have sizeable professional services practices) we’ll be working with will cover:

  • Managing yourself financially
  • Managing your practice’s finances
  • Managing your strategy financially

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“I would like to say a big thank you to Bernard and the other course leaders. I found the PathtoPartner programme excellent, it was extremely informative, thought provoking and I learned a lot from it.”

Sara, a recent delegate in Leeds

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