networking training for accountants

We provide specialist networking training for accountants that covers everything for choosing the right events to following up in a way that turns conversations into instructions.

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We also provide a prepackaged distance learning BD training course for accountants:

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Networking training for accountants

Whether your accountants are planning to meet new people or get to know their existing contacts better (in person or virtually) we know that sometimes the idea of networking can feel a little daunting. 

Our networking training for accountants will give your team the confidence they’ll need to choose the right events and prepare for, attend and follow up the right way.  

The result is simple. 

You will generate better results from the time you invest in formal or informal and in person or virtual networking.

Networking has to be part of every accountant’s personal business development plan.   But all too often 5 things prevent networking from working as well as it should:

1. Some think that only extroverts can enjoy meeting new people and many accountants don’t fit this profile

2. Some accountants still think networking is just about selling – this definitely isn’t the right mindset when it comes to getting best results from networking

3. Some accountants go to the same networking events as their competitors and this is a strategy that hardly ever yields a decent return

4. Some accountants overlook the fact that follow up is the most important aspect of networking – successful networking isn’t about turning up, it’s about following up!

5. Some accountants think networking is about hunting for new prospects, it isn’t – effective networking is about getting closer to your existing contacts

Why should you choose our networking training for accountants?

Tenandahalf’s approach to networking training for accountants is refreshingly different.  We don’t focus on ‘working the room’.  Instead, we look at 5 key areas:

1. How to be more targeted in terms of choosing the right events to go to

2. How to identify opportunities to create your own networking groups around shared interests

3. How to build your own ‘Coffee Plan’ to help you get closer to your contacts in a more structured, systematic and efficient way

4. How to follow up after events so you are turning more contacts into work, opportunities, introductions and referrals

5. How to make sure introverts find a way to enjoy the fruits of networking too!

One of the other very popular courses we run is presentation skills training for accountants.

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Or, read a little more about our specialist business development training for accountants.

We engaged Size 10½ Boots to design and deliver a coaching project as part of our Management Development Programme. The aim of the project was to assist our Associates and Directors to improve their business development skills. The project has been extremely successful.  They were approachable, amiable and extremely knowledgeable about business development, specifically in our sector and quickly built a rapport with the fee earners concerned. We have already started to see positive results as a result of Doug and Bernard’s efforts.

Paula Bailey, Partner and Head of Employment Law, Howes Percival LLP

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