How do I get better results from my content?

Content is an essential component of any law, accountancy or IP firm’s marketing plan.  However, it’s easy to get a bit down in the mouth if you’re not seeing direct results.  This is why the lawyers, patent and trade mark attorneys and accountants we work with often ask us “how do I get better results from my content?”

The first part of my answer is always to remind people what is going on under the surface.  Adding fresh, new, unique content to your website is improving your site’s domain strength and contributes massively to your SEO. 

If things like domain strength and SEO sound like marketing gobbledygook then just think about it like this …

… Your content is helping to make your website more findable.  And the more people that find you, the more likely you are to generate enquiries.

If improving your search engine rankings isn’t enough and you want to make your content work even harder for you, here are 3 tips that will help you get better results from your content:

1. Promote your content on social media

Promoting your latest piece on Twitter and LinkedIn is undoubtedly something you do as standard …

… but how many times do you promote it?

Posting a link once will restrict the number of your connections/followers who see it.  Be prepared to post it a few times (preferably at different time of the day) over the week following publication. 

Ask your colleagues to post it too.  Liking and sharing is of course a good thing but sometimes the LinkedIn algorithms will spot if all the likes are coming from inside your organisation.  It’s much better for you if they include the link in an original post.

2. Send it to relevant clients and contacts

When you write a new blog or article, work out which of your clients, contacts and targets it’s relevant to and email the link to them with a very short but personalised message saying why you thought it might be of interest.

You can then end the message inviting them to meet up for a catch up during which you can find out what’s going on in their lives and how you could help.

3. Win external editorial and/or speaking opportunities

Once you’ve published a blog or an article, a quick Google search will uncover which publications and events are focusing on the same types of topics. 

You can then contact the editor or conference producer to share your link (again underlining why your piece should be of interest to them in your accompanying email) and asking if they’d be available for a call to discuss your mutual specialism in more detail.

If you follow this simple checklist you’ll immediately have:

– Extended the potential readership of your blog

– Reconnected with a number of clients and contacts and teed up a number of catch ups that will likely yield new opportunities

– Potentially positioned yourself to write for publications and/or speak at events that will allow you to reach a whole new audience

Which even the most cynical writer/blogger must agree will definitely help you get better results from your content!

If you would like help improving the results your content generates (or would like to outsource the production of new blogs and articles to us), please get in touch and we find a time to talk.

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